Another day, another assault. In the past week, Melbourne has seen a murder in Clayton, an attempted murder by way of a gunshot to the head of a Point Cook man, countless armed robberies, aggravated burglaries, unprovoked street assaults and, as we all know, an attack on police officers in St Kilda. Some of these people were able to fight their way out of these violent situations. Many were not.

As civilians, we don’t always get an opportunity to learn how to defend ourselves against these violent attacks. It's not until after these attacks happen that we reflect on them and wish that we had some kind of training to have responded better than we did. It's not until one of our loved ones is put at risk that we think to ourselves, “Was there something that I could have done to help them if I were there? Was there something that someone else could have done for them? Or was there something that I could have done for someone else who needed me?”

Well making that first step has never been so easy! We live in an age of social media where an abundance of information in front of us on our phones and on our computer screens.

The second isn’t all that much harder. Krav Maga Evolution in Moorabbin has done most of the work. Krav Maga Evolution has arranged 3 upcoming seminars which will cover Street Attacks, Fighting When Injured, 3rd Party Protection, Defending ourselves and others against Knife Attacks, and for our children, we have arranged a seminar centred to Staying Safe and Preventing a Dangerous Situation in the First Instance.


Krav Maga Evolution - 34a Bignell Road, Moorabbin


Street Attacks / Fighting When Injured - Sunday the 3rd of March: 3pm-5pm

3rd Party Protection - Knife Theme - Saturday the 9th of March 12.30pm-2.30pm

Kids - Safer & Smarter Seminar - Saturday the 9th of March 9.30am-11.00am


The cost for one adult workshop will be $50. The cost for both adult workshops will be $90.

Bonus offer: 3rd Party Protection Workshop. It shouldn’t all be up to you to defend the rest of the world from the bad guys. Bring along your partner or a family member for an extra $20!* *Offer only applies to the 3rd Party Protection Workshop. The cost for the kids’ Safer & Smarter Workshop will be $15 Click here to reserve your spot!

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