2018 proved to be a long year for both my full-time day job as well as my part-time self-defence instructor gym job. By the time the Festive Season holidays came around, I mentally and physically needed a break from training and teaching!

I recall the last week of training at Krav Maga Evolution where everybody, including myself had a sense of entitlement to a well-deserved two week break after a year of hard work and hard working out.

Wasting no time whatsoever after my last class, I hopped on a plane, jetted off across the globe and took a very relaxing two week holiday away from work, training and careful eating… Needless to say, my exercise took a back seat over this period.

In the blink of an eye, my amazing two week break was over and I was back at my gym wondering what happened to my well-deserved break and how it came to be the start of another eleven and a half month cycle until the next ‘feeling of another conquered year.’

To further burst my bubble, I felt 5 kilograms heavier and my motivation that I had going into the end of the year appeared to have been lost in transit during my flight back to Australia.

My first classes back at KME came a day after I got back to Australia. I was to teach a double class. I received an email earlier that day from one of the head instructors of our affiliation who gave me the dates that he would be down to put us through our next gradings. We were on the clock. Two months and counting!

I let my senior instructor team know of these impending dates by way of WhatsApp and then headed off to the gym for my classes.

After a quick chat with the senior instructor team at the gym about our approaching gradings, I got out of my suit and changed into my gym clothes, wiped away the stress lines on my forehead from my return-to-Australia backlog of work and then headed out into the training area to take the Beginner Krav Maga class through their intro to ground fighting. The class ran nice and smoothly and I was halfway through my double.

My next class was the Advanced Class. I’d organized an array of techniques ranging from Level 4 to Level 6. As it turned out, it was a quiet night being the first week back from the Christmas break and the only people in the Advanced Class were my senior instructors.

Deciding on a group consensus to change exclusively to Level 6 Black Belt training, I took the opportunity to join in the repetitions with them. Suddenly, my feeling of demotivation was rapidly turning around as I felt overcome by a renewed feeling of enthusiasm. I, as well as my other senior instructors, could feel the excitement of the build up to the next great challenge in all of our lives.

Here, in front of me, I had a team of dedicated Krav Maga practitioners who were throwing themselves into their training with more passion than I had ever seen in them. I felt an instant lift within myself and all of a sudden, the extra 5 kilo’s that I felt I’d put on over the Christmas break now seemed like it was only 2… The stall in my motivation over the two week Festive Season wind-down was removed in the course of a two hour period. My Beginner Classes hunger to learn the basics. My Advanced Classes hunger to perfect the system. My hunger to be involved in everyone’s journey, including of course, my own!

I always find it a little harder to get back into training when I take a small break but every time that I take that breath and push myself into the first session, I find that my motivation never left me. It just took a nap and patiently waited until I was ready fire it up again.

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