Here at Krav Maga Evolution we are first and foremost focused on self-defence. Our goal is to get our students ready to defend themselves against the most common street attacks as fast as possible. So where does competition fit in with this mindset?

When training, your training partner will always comply to some degree. So how do you truly test your techniques under pressure? The best platform for this is competition. Even though competition has rules, you are going up against a competitor who will use maximum force to win. It’s the closest we can get to experiencing a street fight in the safest way, and it’s also a whole lot of fun (and don't forget socially responsible and legal)!

In the past, our students and instructors have competed in Muay Thai, Kick boxing, Boxing and MMA. For the first time this year, KME has stepped into the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu arena to test our grappling with awesome results. Our students have won bronze, silver and gold medals in a number of BJJ events and we couldn’t be more proud. With our recent success in comps, its motivated us to get more involved.

If you're interested in grappling, check out our timetable and jump into one of our Gracie Fundamentals or Gracie Advanced classes. See you at the next comp!

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